Startup Quarterback - Hans van Putten

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Startup Quarterback – Hans van Putten

Startup Quarterback - Hans van Putten - WWLC - Image by geoff-scottHans van Putten – Startup Quarterback, why? I believe that entrepreneurs, whether budding ones or established ones, and startups are not necessarily benefited by the classic consultant or advisor. Think about it. If you’re an entrepreneur you are a doer, you want to do things and find out things yourself, at least initially. You’re a trailblazer. We understand, we are trailblazers too!

Classic consultants and advisors, get to know you and your business, write a report about it. The conclusion tells you what you need to do or implement. They provide you with a report on the way out, and a beautiful presentation if you’re lucky. Two weeks later you get a fat bill. The consultants laugh all the way to the bank, while your report more often than not disappears on a cabinet shelf in the back room. Anyone who has experienced this will understand what I mean. More recently with the surging internet importance, any “snapshot” reports from consultants are out of date a few weeks after publication if not sooner.

We at WWLC understand that entrepreneurs, startups need mentors and advisors that offer them guidance, throw passes like a quarterback so they can run with it in the right direction. A quarterback is not static, a quarterback looks around to decide on the best play, throws the ball to someone who is in the best position to create a touchdown.

If you are more attuned to soccer you’ll understand the importance of a number 10, a central figure who dominates the game from midfield. Assessing what plays to make, and like a quarterback passing around the ball to whomever is in the best position to move it forward, ultimately to score a goal.

We at WWLC function as a Startup Quarterback, assessing the situation of the market, the business as it evolves and grows, passing the necessary tasks or actions to the right people. Alternatively guiding the entrepreneurs in the right direction so along the way their business thrives and grows to be profitable. All the while teaching the entrepreneurs and startups so when they’re ready to fly on their own they are able to do so.

Our philosophy as Startup Quarterback is “You give a man a fish and he eats for a day. You teach him how to fish and he eats for a life time.” We would also like to introduce you to “The Black Box Theory”, a tool that gains insight! Check it out, it applies to almost any situation or process you may encounter and it’s a must have tool in your entrepreneur tool bag!

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