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Raising Money -The Challenge

Raising Money - WorldWide Local ConnectRaising Money for your startup? It does not matter at which stage you business is.  Chances are you need more money to grow, whether to finance inventory, buy equipment, or increase staff.

Raising money is not easy.  Banks want years of historic financials, with a demonstrated, profitable operating trend. Venture capitalists demand a minimum of $2 – $3 million in revenues, a unique/differentiated product, and a proven management team.  If your startup could meet either these bank or vc funding criteria, fundraising would likely not be a concern.   For most startups and entrepreneurs, however, it is not so easy.

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Raising Money – The Solution

Raising Money - WorldWide Local ConnectRaising Money?  WWLC can help you explore fundraising alternatives.   From friends and family, to crowdfunding, to angel investors, we can explain the pluses and minuses of each fundraising option.  We detail each group’s investment criteria, while working with you to meet those requirements.  WWLC can help you prepare effective investment presentations, executive summaries, capitalization tables,  financial plans and  business plans.

Yes, depending on your situation, we can even help you obtain funding from banks or institutional investors.  When raising money, some banks will work with small businesses, structuring modest working capital lines of credit. When that isn’t possible, WWLC can explore factoring or PO financing.  There are a number of options, some of which will likely apply to your situation.  Contact us.


Talk to at least 2 finance professionals before you decide.

Prepare at least 3 financial scenarios to test and consider.


Remember, >85% of business failures are due to insufficient initial funding


Contact us if you're not 100% confident regarding what to do next


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