How We Adjusted to The New Business Model – Internet + Digital Marketing

In 1998 we bought a  nut roaster. Within three years we acquired a toffee business, introduced chocolate bark and gourmet cookies. We tripled our sales within three years riding the wave of the internet, designing our own website and shifting our marketing efforts to digital marketing.


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1998 was a time of change, where old marketing techniques and efforts became relics of the past and very expensive. If you did not shift to the internet, while dodging the internet bubble, you stayed behind.

For me as entrepreneur, the challenge was to do most of it in-house while working with 3rd party contractors and making sure that you were not caught in the mania by one of the many hacks out there.


After a few false starts with 3rd party vendors, we decided to educate ourselves in-house and Hans van Putten became the web design and digital marketing expert while learning the hard way on the job, by scouring the web and friendly vendors for the best solutions.

Even today Hans is still scouring the web, whether or for “best practice” online platforms, software and vendors to stay at the forefront of Web Design and Digital Marketing. It served him and 40ParkLane,llc well when we sold the food business successfully in 2014.

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“I loved the fact that we did not just get a report, you actually rolled up your sleeves and helped us create the plans and implement them!”

Seaborn T Dell, Georgia

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