How Should I Create One?

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The Challenge

Your challenge as “Chief Entrepreneur“, is to create a digital marketing strategy that really works.  But digital marketing is comprised of many interconnected parts.  How should you proceed?  What keywords should I use for SEO? What are the best keywords to target for display ads, search ads or video ads?  Should you use Google Adwords or Facebook?  How much should you budget?  What program is the best choice for email marketing?  And, what about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram? “The Black Box Theory” in all its glory!

These questions, and many more, are best not left to the moonlighting college student who maintains your Facebook page.  An effective digital marketing strategy for your startup or as a matter of fact for any business must be properly developed, integrating all aspects of your business.

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The Solution

WWLC’s founders have extensive digital marketing experience.   They’ll work with you, helping define your objectives and target market(s).  A digital marketing strategy can have multiple objectives.   Perhaps, the goal is to drive more traffic to a specific website. Or, maybe, to increase conversion rates once there?  For others, the need may be that of maximizing followers or growing an online community.  Every situation is different.   There are no “one size fits all” templates for developing an effective digital marketing plan.

We’ll help you identify the many strategic actions and directions you can take to achieve your goals.  We’ll help you prioritize them and choose accordingly.  Whether it’s SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Website Development, Blogs or any other digital marketing question, WWLC can help.

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Digital Marketing - WorldWide Local Connect - Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash


Minimum amount of minutes step back and define your objective and target group.

Minimum nr. of action items on your list to achive objective.


Importance to set priorities and risk parameters.


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